Richard Shoup awards

Emmy Award
In 1983, I was very fortunate to receive a Technology and Engineering Emmy award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for my work in computer graphics. The citation reads

Outstanding Achievement in Engineering Development
"For his concept and development of the first electronic graphic creative system
which has led to the importance of videographics in television today."

A little hyperbolic perhaps, but a wonderful honor for which I am most grateful. The Emmy statue itself is quite tall (15.5 in) and heavy (5.5 lb), and is in my opinion still the most beautiful of the major awards, its classic design unchanged since 1948.

Xerox Corporation received a separate Emmy at the same time for their support of my SuperPaint project at the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center. The Xerox Emmy award citation reads "For its pioneering support of research leading to the development of the first electronic graphic creative system." It was accepted for the corporation by Dr. Ronald (Sandy) Campbell Jr., then the Chief Technical Director at Xerox.


Siggraph Award
In 1990, my paint systems collaborator and long-time friend Alvy Ray Smith and I were honored together by ACM Siggraph (the Special Interest Group on Computer Graphics of the Association for Computing Machinery, the main professional society in computer science) with the Computer Graphics Achievement Award for our work on digital paint systems. It is satisfying to be recognized by your peers, and especially so alongside my friend Alvy.

Academy Award
In 1998, Alvy Ray Smith, Pixar colleague Tom Porter, and I were honored to receive the Scientific and Engineering Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for our work on Paint Systems. This award is a very nice Academy Plaque, not an Oscar . The citation credits my SuperPaint system as the seminal one, Alvy's Paint as the first full-color program, and Tom's paint software as the first to be used significantly in a major motion picture, thus leading to digital paint programs becoming a regularly-used tool in feature production. The awards were presented to us at the Scientific and Technical Awards Ceremony by the charming actress and humanitarian Ashley Judd.


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